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[Jun. 4th, 2004|03:52 pm]
The Bonnaroo Road Trip Journal!
Hi, sweet things.

Here's what's on my mind right now:

1.) Willie Nelson's wrists, I HATE YOU.
2.) This weekend shall be dedicated to baking. I am a fan of baked-goods, so I have decided that I shall make as many breads/muffins as I can, so that we can have easy things to grab & eat whilst driving/camping. Banana, cranberry, etc., B., any suggestions?
3.) Frozen food will be best, I think.
4.) Suz Monday, shop/cook/prepare Tuesday, freeze Tuesday-Wednesday, pack car Wednesday night - except food, which should be packed last.
5.) Dee has car charger.
6.) Do we have a CD player?
7.) Shall we take our time GETTING there and rush back? Must be home by Monday evening.
8.) B., are you SET on seeing Trey-from-Phish? If not, we can leave around 8 or 9 on Sunday night and make great time.

I love y'all.

Also, anyone ELSE who is journeying to Bonnaroo & who would like to comment/whatever, let me know, my email is ameliajane [at] cox.net.

- Amelia

[User Picture]From: shipbuilding
2004-06-04 08:11 pm (UTC)
chocolate chip muffins and blueberry muffins.

i do indeed have a car charger. no cd player. don't you have one, mimi?

frozen food good. simple stews and soups, etc?

tuesday - umi? no?

think pot will help my facial paresis? i bet it does!
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[User Picture]From: roadadventure
2006-08-27 10:46 pm (UTC)

awesome ...

i am so excited to find your community!! my boyfriend and i are planning a semi-similar trip inspired by Alton Brown’s Burning Asphalt. we're going to take a two-week road trip tour of the eastern half of the USA next summer from July 5-19. We’re going to pack our car, our camping gear and our sense of adventure, heading south from New York to Georgia and back up, including Southern NJ, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

i've found a lot of useful information in your journal so far, and i was wondering if any of you have anything to recommend in the way of camp sites, hiking trails or places to eat in the states we're going to.

we're keeping track of our trip planning (just started) at our lj: we’ll share our thoughts as we plan this trip, and our stories and photos once we hit the road. please feel free to use our plans, as they form, to inform your own trip-- your plans have been massively helpful!!
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